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to the wonderful and exiting world of Micro Seiki


The old Website

After years of use we decided that we should update our Website.
The entire Website has been split up in three sections.

The new Website

The new Website is called the Master Website. Most options from the old website are placed here.

Webshop Website

We separated our own Webshop from the Master Website.
All products we make are now better presented.


The most exciting part for every Micro-Seiki owner is the Database.
By restyling the Website special attention went to this part.

Why this site?

The meaning is to offer the opportunity for all Micro Seiki owners to share information. The purpose of this site is to offer owners and sellers of Micro-Seiki the possibility to communicate with each other.

Which info?

Amongst other things:

Do you have ideas to improve this site and/or you want to register? Use the e-mail address below and write us.

If you want to support this web site or help us to reproduce Micro Seiki products you can place a donation here.

For all Micro Seiki owners we offer a free Marketplace! Click here.

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